Bail Bond Reforms Release Capital Murder Defendants In Dallas E6

“Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it.” That quote by Winston Churchill goes to the heart of today’s discussion in this episode of Justice Facts–True Crime Is Stranger Than Fiction. 

Today, politicians cannot remember the past or are just disregarding what investigative reporter Robert Riggs and former federal prosecutor Bill Johnston exposed in Texas three decades ago.

And they are condemning innocent people to violence by letting career criminals arrested for gun crimes and murder out of jail on bail. Dallas County has released 25 capital murder defendants on bail according to KRLD News.  

If convicted, they will be sentenced to die by lethal injection or life without parole. Meanwhile, they are out.  And some have already committed new gun crimes.  It’s Deja Vu.  We are reliving a tragic history lesson reported in Riggs podcast True Crime Reporter™.

Back in the late 1980s and early 90s, the Texas parole and prison systems secretly swung open the prison doors to relieve overcrowding.  They scrapped the bottom of the barrel as a parole board member later described it.

They released more than 80 former death row inmates who had been sentenced to die in the electric chair for capital murder. Among them, was serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff, aka “The Broomstick Killer”. 

McDuff became known as the worst sadistic sexual serial killer in Texas history. The only man to receive three death sentences. One day after walking out of prison, McDuff started abducting and murdering young women up and down the Interstate 35 corridor in Central Texas.

We will never know just how many women he killed, how many women he buried in remote isolated places. This we do know, McDuff should never have been released from prison.

And hundreds more violent criminals should not have been released on parole. They caused murder and mayhem across the state.  All in the name of relieving prison overcrowding to stay out of trouble with a federal judge.

The carnage triggered a massive overhaul of Texas criminal laws and the building of maximum security prisons. 

The tidal wave of violence stopped.

But there’s a new tsunami of violence headed to Texas and many other states. The system and its willful ignorance of history are releasing career criminals arrested for violent crimes and capital murder on bond.

So here we go again. Riggs and Johnston dissect so-called bail reform in this episode of Justice Facts.

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